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Seasonal heat storing 1979-83 in Utby ground heat pump project

Gösta Rosenblad (Institutionen för värmeteknik och maskinlära)
International conference on "Subsurface heat storage - in theory and practice" Stockholm June 6-8 Vol. 1983 (1983), Appendix, Part II, p. 670-678.
[Konferensbidrag, övrigt]

The Utby project represents heating of a (my) one-family house by a heat pump with vertically arranged ground pipes and a convector on the roof of the house. In summer time the convector catches heat from the ambient air. The heat is stored in the ground. The project, which started in 1979, was supported by the Swedish Council for Building Research. The system in Utby operates at low ground temperatures. Naturally there has been some difficulties and changings of some parts of the equipment, but in general all has worked satisfactorily. The SPF has been slightly below 3 indicating reduction of the heating costs in the same range.

Earth Heat Pump Group, Chalmers University of Technology

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