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Estimation of average Rician K-factor and average mode bandwidth in loaded reverberation chamber

Xiaoming Chen (Institutionen för signaler och system, Antenner) ; Per-Simon Kildal (Institutionen för signaler och system, Antenner) ; Sz-Hau Lai (Institutionen för mikroteknologi och nanovetenskap, Mikrovågselektronik)
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters (1536-1225). Vol. 10 (2011), p. 1437-1440.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

A well-stirred reverberation chamber without noticeable direct coupling between the transmitting and receiving antennas emulates an isotropic Rayleigh fading environment and can therefore be used for qualitative over-the-air (OTA) measurements of wireless devices with small nondirective antennas. By loading such a chamber, it is possible to generate a Rician environment. This letter introduces an average Rician K-factor that describes the reverberation chamber better than the normal K-factor, in particular when the chamber is provided with platform and polarization stirring. This letter shows how to estimate this average K-factor. The average mode bandwidth also changes by loading the chamber. While the average K-factor determines uncertainty, the average mode bandwidth determines the channel coherence bandwidth. They are therefore the two most important parameters for the characterizations of a reverberation chamber.

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