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Integrating the Reconfiguration Mechanism into the Manufacturing Planning and Control System

Li Li (Institutionen för transportteknik) ; Mats I. Johansson (Institutionen för transportteknik)
Meddelanden, Department of Transportation and Logistics, Chalmers University of Technology. (2001)
[Artikel, övrig]

Supply chain planning and control is to coordinate the flow of materials and information between operations in the supply chain in order to leverage physical resources and competencies originating from different locations in the supply network. However, manufacturing operations is the centre of the whole supply chain, since its activities are aimed at reconciling supply and demand. Hence an effective and efficient management of manufacturing operations is crucial to meet the dictates of the marketplace. Our focus in this paper is the manufacturing planning and control system (MPC), where the reconfiguration mechanism can be integrated into the existing system.

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