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Periodic operation of a tubular reactor: a simulation of consecutive reactions in a chromatographic reactor

Gunnar Lidén (Institutionen för kemisk reaktionsteknik) ; Lennart Vamling (Institutionen för värmeteknik och maskinlära)
The Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 40 (1989), 1, January 1989, p. 31-37.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The performance of a chromatographic reactor is studied by means of computer simulations for consecutive reactions represented by A + B → R R + B → S For square-wave pulsing it is demonstrated that a chromatographic reactor can give a higher yield than a plug-flow reactor operated at steady state if A and B are pulsed in phase. Moveover selectivity for a chromatographic reactor can exceed steady state values for a plug-flow reactor. The most advantageous cycle time for the pulsing is discussed, and the effects of changing adsorption capacity and cycle split are shown qualitatively.

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