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Some Aspects on Heat Transformer Optimization

Per Holmberg (Institutionen för värmeteknik och maskinlära) ; Thore Berntsson (Institutionen för värmeteknik och maskinlära)
Newsletter of the IEA Heat Pump Center, March 1989 Vol. 7 (1989), 1, p. 8-11.
[Artikel, övrig vetenskaplig]

A large amount of waste heat in the industry is today rejected to the surroundings. One way to recover part of this energy is to use an absorption heat transformer (AHT). In order to establish the potential of the AHT, optimization studies and sensitivity analyses, both technical and economic, have been done for the single-stage AHT cycle.1 For these studies a computer program has been developed, which basically consists of a simulation program for the cycle combined with an optimization routine. In this article the most important results are presented.

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