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A comparison of drift wave stability in stellarator and tokamak geometry

Johan Anderson (Institutionen för elektromagnetik) ; Tariq Rafiq (Institutionen för elektromagnetik, Elektromagnetisk bio- och plasmafysik) ; Mohammad Nadeem (Institutionen för elektromagnetik, Elektromagnetiska beräkningar) ; Mikael Persson (Institutionen för elektromagnetik, Elektromagnetisk bio- och plasmafysik)
Physics of Plasmas Vol. 9 (2002), 5, p. 1629.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The influence of plasma geometry on the linear stability of electrostatic ion-temperature-gradient driven drift modes (ITG modes) is investigated. An advanced fluid model is used for the ions together with Boltzmann distributed electrons. The derived eigenvalue equation is solved numerically. A comparison is made between an H – 1NF [Fusion Technol. 17, 123 (1990)] like stellarator equilibrium, a numerical tokamak equilibrium and the analytical s - alpha equilibrium. The numerical and the analytical tokamak are found to be in good agreement in the low inverse aspect ratio limit. The growth rates of the tokamak and stellarator are comparable whereas the modulus of the real frequency is substantially larger in the stellarator. The threshold in Ln/LT for the stellarator is found to be somewhat larger. In addition, a stronger stabilization of the ITG mode growth is found for large L n / R in the stellarator case.

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