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To Follow-Up Open Access Policies. What to Measure, How to Do It and Who to Tell

Jonas Gilbert (Chalmers bibliotek) ; Lars Kullman (Chalmers bibliotek) ; Jessica Lindholm ; Helena Stjernberg
Berlin 9 Open Access Conference. The Impact of Open Access in Research and Scholarship. Washington, DC. November 9-10, 2011 (2011)
[Konferensbidrag, poster]

The implementation of open access has gained momentum in Sweden with policies being adopted by universities and funding bodies. Representing two organizations with policy decisions from 2010, we now face the question how we should evaluate the impact of the policies. It is clearly important for us to be able to measure and to evaluate the progress at the early stages in this process. We also believe that different stakeholders – university management, research group leaders and the individual researchers – will benefit from different kinds of feedback and that we should be able to provide adjusted indicators for these groups.

Nyckelord: Open Access, Policy, Sweden

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