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Quantum interference effects in percolated metal networks

M. E. Gershenson ; P. M. Echternach ; H. M. Bozler ; A. L. Bogdanov (Institutionen för fysik) ; Bengt Nilsson (Institutionen för fysik)
Physica B (0921-4526). p. 1109-1110. (1994)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

Quantum corrections (QC) to the resistivity due to weak localization (WL) and electron-electron interaction (EEI) have been measured for percolated metal networks with percolation coherence length z comparable to the quantum length scales-the phase-breaking length L and the thermal diffusion length LT. Far from the percolation metal-insulator transition (MIT) the `macroscopic' disorder is averaged over the quantum lengths (L,LTz) and the QC are of the universal two-dimensional (2D) type with R=R(z), where R(z) is the resistance per square at scales larger than z. A crossover 2D1D in the dimensionality of the QC and the Nyquist phase-braking mechanism is observed near the MIT, where zL,LT

Nyckelord: interface electron states, localised electron states, metal-insulator transition, percolation, quantum interference phenomena

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