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Integration of mathematics/numeric analysis with chemistry/chemcial engineering.

Claes Niklasson (Institutionen för kemiteknik och miljövetenskap, Kemisk reaktionsteknik) ; Michael Christie (Centrum för kunskapsbildning och kommunikation (CKK)) ; Stig Larsson (Institutionen för matematik) ; Lars Öhrström (Institutionen för material- och ytkemi, Oorganisk kemi) ; John Bowden (Institutionen för kemiteknik och miljövetenskap)

In this paper, we examine how changes in mathematics education with integration into engineering subjects influence the different teaching and learning methods for subsequent subjects in the chemical engineering programs at Chalmers. This project began in 1999 and will be completed in 2005. In the period 2001-2003, major changes were made to the first year chemistry program. These included changing from traditional lectures, labs and end-of- course, closed book exams to team teaching, teaching in smaller groups, more varied assessment and greater integration of mathematics and chemistry. Preliminary results from the evaluation of this new program are given. Furthermore, some thoughts are provided on how the changed mathematical knowledge and skills among students and integration of mathematics into the engineering subjects might assist students to develop a deeper learning approach in particular subjects in key chemical engineering programs, such as fundamental chemistry, chemical reaction engineering and bioprocess engineering.

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