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Internet, IT-boomen och reklambranschen under andra ha lften av nittiotalet. Transkript av ett vittnesseminarium på ABF-huset i Stockholm den 17 februari 2010.

Gustav Sjöblom (Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Teknik och samhälle) ; Ann-Sofie Axelsson (Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Teknik och samhälle) ; Oskar Broberg
Göteborg2011. - 74 s.

This publication is a commented transcript of a witness seminar in February 2010 within the research project ”The Swedish digital wonder in the advertising industry”. The purpose of the seminar, which was open to the public, was to document the shifting boundaries between the advertising, media, and information technology industries in the wake of the breakthrough of the Internet from the mid-1990s. We invited six persons, who at that time were centrally placed in these industries, to share their reminiscences and comment on testimonies of the other participants. The seminar was moderated by two researchers in the project. The transcript has been edited prudently in order to improve the readability while preserving the colloquial character. We have moreover provided the transcript with explanatory footnotes and a short introduction. The purpose of publishing the transcript in this series is twofold: to create an oral history source and make it accessible, but also to introduce the witness seminar as an historical documentation method in economic history and business history.

Nyckelord: advertising, economic history, information technology, internet, media, methodology, oral history, witness seminars

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