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The battle for the sea is won inland!

Violeta Roso (Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Logistik och transport)
Logistics Times Vol. 2 (2011), 3, p. 46-48.
[Artikel, övrig populärvetenskap]

While staying at UNWS as a visiting academic in January and February of this year I had the opportunity to meet with many people involved in seaports’ hinterland development or in the improvement of seaports’ inland access. Some are directly involved in that development, like interviewees from the ports or private rail operators, while others are indirectly involved as consultants. No matter the direct or indirect involvement all meetings were extremely interesting and helpful and the different types of involvement provided different perspectives, which are crucial for good cases. And, good cases are what I need since the purpose of my visit was international collaborations in research.

Nyckelord: Seaport, Inland terminal, Australia, New Zealand

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