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John H. Black (Institutionen för rymd- och geovetenskap, Radioastronomi och astrofysik)
Encyclopedia of Astrobiology. Editors: Muriel Gargaud, Ricardo Amils, José Cernicharo Quintanilla, Henderson James (Jim) Cleaves, William M. Irvine, Daniele L. Pinti and Michel Viso p. 1231-1233. (2011)

Photochemistry refers to the processes by which energy is transferred from electromagnetic radiation (in practice mainly ultraviolet and visible light) into chemical activity in gases, solid particles, and living matter. Photochemical processes partly control the initial conditions for the formation of stars and planets, they may leave traces of the early chemical evolution of planetary systems in the abundances of isotopes, they regulate the input of stellar energy into atmospheres of planets, and they play important roles in the chemistry of living organisms on Earth.

Nyckelord: astrochemistry, astrobiology, biochemistry, planetology, biogeoscience

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