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Application of combined neutron diffraction and impedance spectroscopy for in-situ structure and conductivity studies of La2Mo2O9

J. J. Liu ; S. Hull ; Istaq Ahmed (Institutionen för kemi- och bioteknik, Oorganisk miljökemi) ; S. J. Skinner
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms (0168-583X). Vol. 269 (2011), 5, p. 539-543.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

In-situ neutron diffraction combined with AC impedance spectroscopy was applied successfully to investigate the correlation between crystal structure and electrical properties of the La2Mo2O9 oxide ion conducting electrolyte material. Neutron diffraction patterns were collected as a function of temperature while the AC impedance spectra were recorded simultaneously using a modified sample environment to monitor the conductivity change of the sample. A close relationship between unit cell parameters and the bulk conductivity was observed, confirming that the oxygen transport is dependent on the lattice structure. With the transition from the low temperature alpha to the high temperature beta phase, expansion of the crystal structure makes more space available for oxygen transport, leading to a dramatic increase of the ionic conductivity. The successful application of this technique provides a new method to simultaneously investigate crystal structure and electrical properties in electro-ceramics in the future.

Nyckelord: In-situ, Neutron diffraction, Impedance spectroscopy, La2Mo2O9, Electrolyte, oxide-ion conductors, crystal-structure, lamox

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