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Method and models used in the project Pathways to Sustainable European Energy Systems

Filip Johnsson (Institutionen för energi och miljö)
[Bok, med redaktör]

This book describes the research that has been carried out during the first period (2006-2010) of the Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS) project "Pathways to Sustainable European Energy Systems". this interdisciplinary project involves more that 40 researchers and addresses various aspects of the challenges faced in transforming the European energy system. Presented in this book are the energy-related methods and models that originate from different scientific disciplines and traditions and that were applied in the Pathways project. Some of the analytical tools are well-known, well-documented, and widely used in academic research. Others have been developed (or refined) during the Pathways project and are therefore unique. The chapters of this book cover around 30 different methods and models used in the Pathways project and presents an overview of the processes through which the research was conducted and the methods and models were co-ordinated.

Nyckelord: energy system model, technology assessment, scenario, analysis, pathways project

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