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EU FP7 INFSO-ICT-247223 ARTIST4G, D1.1 Definitions and architecture requirements for supporting interference avoidance techniques

Valeria D’Amico ; Nicolas Gresset ; Carmen Botella (Institutionen för signaler och system, Kommunikationssystem) ; Laura Cottatellucci ; Mark Doll ; Richard Fritzsche ; David Gesbert ; Jochen Giese ; Hardy Halbauer ; Eric Hardouin ; Hajer Khanfir ; Maria Luz Pablo ; Stephan Saur ; Tommy Svensson (Institutionen för signaler och system, Kommunikationssystem) ; Wolfgang Zirwas
: EU FP7 INFSO-ICT-247223 ARTIST4G consortium, 2010. - 33 s.

It is the main objective of the ARTIST4G Work Package 1 (WP1), to design innovative interference avoidance solutions by means of transmitter signal processing, scheduling and/or cross layer techniques. Such an approach will enable to identify optimal strategies also taking into account the practical implications on the real system. The major impacts of the WP1 innovations on the radio access network and on the mobile system interfaces, together with constraints due to practical implementations, will be analyzed in this deliverable. This deliverable will be a reference for the work in ARTIST4G Work Package 4 (WP4). A set of guiding questions used to precise the requirements for WP4 has been considered for each new cooperation/coordination functionality. Answers to these questions are provided in this deliverable by grouping the different classes of WP1 innovations into 4 categories with similar requirements on the radio access architecture. For each question, current, expected, minimum and maximum targets of the requirement will be given, helping to ensure that the range of all possible values for all the innovations are taken into account.

Nyckelord: Interference avoidance, Radio Access Network Architecture, Requirements, Coordinated Multi Point, Coordinated Scheduling, Coordinated Beamforming, Joint Processing, Inter Cell Interference Coordination, Multi User MIMO, Heterogeneous Networks, Clustering, Game theory, ARTIST4G

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