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Hemhörighet och stadsförnyelse: belyst i fyrtiotalsstadsdelen Sanna i Göteborg

The Concept of Home and Urban Renewal: Exemplified by the 1940's Sanna Quarter in Göteborg

Eva Hurtig (Institutionen för byggnadskonst, Bostadsplanering)
Göteborg : Chalmers University of Technology, 1995. ISBN: 91-7197-116-5.

The dissertation explores the concept of home, how relations to one's home are created and what feeling at home means. The thesis' methodology and background to understanding are inspired by phenomenology.

The urban renewal of Göteborg's Sanna quarter, built in the 1940's, sets the stage for a description of how a sense of feeling at home emerges in various ways through a feeling of belonging and how these feelings are affected by urban renewal. The information is primarily based on interviews, discussions in different situations with tenants and other involved parties as well as observations made during the lengthy renovation process, 1982-86. Experiences of urban renewal show that tenants homes are not sufficiently safeguarded during reno-vation. The final discussion concerns demands that ought to be made of urban renewal based on the experiences gained.

The thesis should function as a source of inspiration and draw atten-tion to the meaning of home to people. My hope is that it will contri-bute to an adaptation of urban renewal in consideration of the signi-ficance of people's homes.

Nyckelord: the meaning of home, phenomenology, urban renewal, housing renovation, future renovation strategies

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