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DNA as a Catalyst and Catalytic Template for the Racemisation of Metal Tris-Phenanthroline Complexes

A. Rodger ; Bengt Nordén (Institutionen för fysikalisk kemi) ; M. Rodger ; P. Bates
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (1434-1948). 1, p. 49-53. (2002)
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

[Fe(1,10-phenanthroline)(3)](2+) is known to racemise in solution and DNA is known to shift the equilibrium point of the Delta/Lambda[Fe(1,10-phenanthroline)(3)](2+) mixture from 50:50 to a position favouring a slight excess of the Delta enantiomer. In this paper it is shown that DNA catalyses the racemisation reaction, presumably by providing vibrational energy to species that bind in a less favoured mode for that enantiomer. The racemisation of [Co(1,10-phenanthroline)(3)](3+), however, is not enhanced by DNA unless [Co(1,10-phenanthroline)(3)](2+) is also added to the solution. In this case, the DNA acts as a template to facilitate the Co-II reversible arrow Co-III electron transfer. Racemisation occurs while the [Co(1,10-phenanthroline)(3)](n+) is in the labile Co-II form.

Nyckelord: circular dichroism, bioinorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, racemisation

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