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On track to gifted education in mathematics in Sweden

Linda Mattsson (Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper, matematik) ; Samuel Bengmark (Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper, matematik)
The Elements of Creativity and Giftedness in Mathematics (B. Sriraman and K.H. Lee; eds) p. 81-102. (2010)

In this article we provide a description of the status of gifted education in mathematics in Sweden by highlighting the development of four components - a) national policies, b) advocacy groups, c) research, teacher education and curriculum development, and d) implementation in schools. All four of these components are important in the development of gifted education (Phillipson, Kaur & Phillipson, 2003.

Nyckelord: Gifted Education, Mathematics, Sweden

Preview of the book: https://www.sensepublishers.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=72&osCsid=dabe4d3186636149998b94085750049f

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