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Volatile hydrocarbons from the burning of grass and straw

Flyktiga kolväten från bränning av gräs och halm

Gunnar Barrefors (Institutionen för kemisk miljövetenskap) ; Göran Petersson (Institutionen för kemisk miljövetenskap)
1994. - 10 pages s.

The concentrations and proportions of 15 alkenes, 5 alkadienes and 14 other gaseous combustion-formed hydrocarbons were determined near to a controlled field burning of last year´s grass. Small-scale model burning of grasses and of barley straw indicated similar hydrocarbon proportions for all these biomass fuels. Samples were taken on triple-layer adsorbent cartridges and were analyzed, after thermal desorption, by gas chromatography on an aluminium oxide column.

The observed proportions of ethene (20-50%) and ethyne (5-20%) increased for flaming fire and decreased for smouldering. Approximate proportions of prominent genotoxic hydrocarbons other than ethene were 10% benzene, 10% propene, and 3% 1,3-butadiene. Among the photochemically reactive C4-C8 alkenes, the unbranched 1-alkenes were the most prominent isomers. It is concluded that grass burning implies hazards with respect to human exposure as well as to photooxidant formation.

Nyckelord: grassland fires, air pollution, smoke, ethylene, propene, butadiene, benzene, acetylene

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