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Lignin carbohydrate linkages in milled wood lignin preparations from spruce wood

Knut Lundquist (Institutionen för organisk kemi) ; Rune Simonson (Institutionen för teknisk kemi) ; Kenneth Tingsvik (Institutionen för teknisk kemi)
Svensk Papperstidning Vol. 86 (1983), 6, p. R44-R47.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Correction: The elution curve denoted “lignin A” represents the fraction denoted “MWL” in Table 2 in the article “On the composition of dioxane-water extracts of milled spruce wood” (Lundquist, K. , Simonson, R. and Tingsvik , K., Nordic Pulp Pap. Res. J. 5 (1990), 107-113, 199). In Fig. 2 in this article elution curves (spruce lignin) representative of “lignin A” are shown .

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