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Vibration dynamics of high speed train with Pareto optimized damping of bogie suspension to enhance safety and comfort

Albin Johnsson (Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik, Dynamik) ; Viktor Berbyuk (Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik, Dynamik) ; Mikael Enelund (Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik, Dynamik)
Proceedings of ISMA2010 International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering Including USD2010, Leuven, 20-22 September 2010, Editors P. Sas, B. Bergen p. 3477-3488. (2010)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

A methodology to find the optimized, with respect to safety and comfort, lateral damping of both the primary and secondary suspensions of a bogie system for a high speed train (HST) has been developed, implemented and evaluated. The vibration dynamics of three-car HST with safety-comfort Pareto optimized lateral damping of bogie system is analyzed. The sensitivity of vibration dynamics of the HST having Pareto optimized lateral damping and traveling with 250 km/h is studied for different vehicle speeds, wheels and rails wornness, train service loads and frictions between wheels and rails. Numerical results show that Pareto optimized lateral damping of bogie system can significantly improve passenger comfort while maintain safety and reliability of HST performance.

Nyckelord: High speed railway vehicles, Multi-objective optimization, Pareto optimality, Bogie suspension

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