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Infrared spectra of cis and trans-(NO)(2)(-) anions in solid argon

L Andrews ; M.F. Zhou ; S.P. Wilson ; G.P. Kushto ; Anders Snis ; Itai Panas (Institutionen för oorganisk miljökemi)
JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS (0021-9606 ). Vol. 109 (1998), 1, p. 177-185.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Laser-ablation of over 20 different metal targets with concurrent 10 K codeposition of Ar/NO mixtures produces metal independent infrared bands at 1589.3 cm−1 due to (NO)2+, a new absorption at 1221.0 cm−1, and a band set at 1300.3, 1222.7, 884.4 cm−1. The latter bands decrease more on annealing than the 1221.0 cm−1 band. Isotopic substitution (14NO,15NO, 15N18O, and mixtures) shows that these new vibrations involve two equivalent N–O oscillators, which identifies two new (NO)2 species. The excellent agreement with frequencies, intensities, and isotopic frequency ratios from density functional theory calculations substantiates assignment of the 1221.0 cm−1 band to trans-(NO)2− and the three band set to cis-(NO)2−. The observation of a weak combination band at 2492.0 cm−1 further substantiates assignment of the two N–O stretching modes in cis-(NO)2−

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