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A Novel Multigrid Approach for Lagrangian Modeling of Fuel Mixing in Fluidized Beds

Meisam Farzaneh (Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik) ; Srdjan Sasic (Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik, Strömningslära) ; Alf-Erik Almstedt (Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik)
Proceedings of the International Conference on Multiphase Flow, Tampa, 2010 (2010)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

This paper presents a novel Larangian approach to model fuel mixing in gas-solid fluidized beds. In the mixing process, fuel particles are considerably larger than the inert bed material and therefore, the commonly used Largangian particle algorithms are not able to simulate the phenomenon properly. In the proposed model two grids are used for simulations and the information between the two grids is exchanged using an algorithm presented in the paper. In addition, a statistical procedure is developed to analyze the results obtained from the simulations. The effects of initial distribution of bed material, inlet gas velocity and amount of the bed material on the fuel mixing are investigated. It is concluded that initial location of fuel particles affects their preferential positions. Also, increasing the fluidization velocity and the amount of the bed material influences the flow structure and configuration of the fuel particles.

Nyckelord: fluidized bed, fuel mixing, numerical simulations

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