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The Plane Wake of a Cylinder: An Estimate of the Pressure Strain Rate Tensor

Dag Aronson (Institutionen för termo- och fluiddynamik) ; Lennart Löfdahl (Institutionen för termo- och fluiddynamik)
Physics of Fluids Vol. 6 (1994), p. 2716-2721.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The modelling of the pressure strain rate terms is an important issue in the improvement of the generality of closure models for the Reynolds stress transport (RST) equations. A part of these efforts is to provide accurate experimental information on the pressure-strain rate tensor, which in turn requires equally accurate information on the dissipation and diffusion tensors. Here the far wake of a cylinder was studied in order to enable the required balances of the RST equations. The experimental results indicate a nonisotropic dissipation tensor, and show the energy redistribution between the different components as described by the pressure-strain rate correlations. Comparisons are made between the experimentally determined pressure-strain rate distributions and the corresponding distributions predicted by closure models.

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