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Student Paper: HaskellDB Improved

Björn Bringert (Institutionen för datavetenskap, Språkteknologi) ; Anders Höckersten ; Conny Andersson ; Martin Andersson ; Mary Bergman ; Victor Blomqvist ; Torbjörn Martin
Haskell '04: Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN workshop on Haskell p. 108-115. (2004)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

We present an improved version of the HaskellDB database library. The original version relied on TRex, a Haskell extension supported only by the Hugs interpreter. We have replaced the use of TRex by a record implementation which uses more commonly implemented Haskell extensions. Additionally, HaskellDB now supports two different cross-platform database backends. Other changes include database creation functionality, bounded string support, performance enhancements, fixes to the optimisation logic, transaction support and more fine grained expression types.

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