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Emissions of organic compounds from the combustion of oats - a comparison with softwood pellets

Maria Perzon (Institutionen för kemi- och bioteknik, Kemisk miljövetenskap)
Biomass & Bioenergy (0961-9534). Vol. 34 (2010), 6, p. 828-837.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Oats are a new biofuel possible to use in modified residential wood pellet combustion appliances. The emissions of organic compounds from five sequential combustion stages; initial smouldering, early flaming, late flaming, after-flame smouldering and final glowing, for incomplete burning of oats on a laboratory scale were determined by gas chromatography and compared to those of softwood pellets. High concentrations of 1,6-anhydroglucose and furan-related compounds were released from the initial smouldering of oats, while high concentrations of methoxyphenols were released during the initial smouldering of wood pellets. The results indicate that oats are a biofuel with relatively low emissions during combustion, almost as low as those from wood pellets. After-flame smouldering of oats released lower concentrations of methane, alkenes and aromatic hydrocarbons than the after-flame smouldering of wood pellets. The large differences in emissions from the various combustion stages should be considered when evaluating the environmental aspects and health effects of residential burning of oats and wood pellets.

Nyckelord: Benzene, Biomass, Cellulose, Hemicelluloses, Lignin, PAH, Polycyclic, aromatic hydrocarbons, Smoke, Volatile hydrocarbons, mass-spectrometric characterization, gas-chromatographic separation, thermal-degradation products, phenolic antioxidants, aromatic-hydrocarbons, volatile hydrocarbons, oxidative pyrolysis, chimney emissions, wood, biomass

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