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Origin and Formation of Planetary Systems

Y. Alibert ; C. Broeg ; W. Benz ; G. Wuchterl ; O. Grasset ; C. Sotin ; C. Eiroa ; T. Henning ; T. Herbst ; L. Kaltenegger ; A. Leger ; René Liseau (Institutionen för radio- och rymdvetenskap, Radioastronomi och astrofysik) ; H. Lammer ; C. Beichman ; W. Danchi ; M. Fridlund ; J. Lunine ; F. Paresce ; A. Penny ; A. Quirrenbach ; H. Rottgering ; F. Selsis ; J. Schneider ; D. Stam ; G. Tinetti ; G. J. White
Astrobiology (1531-1074). Vol. 10 (2010), 1, p. 19-32.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

To estimate the occurrence of terrestrial exoplanets and maximize the chance of finding them, it is crucial to understand the formation of planetary systems in general and that of terrestrial planets in particular. We show that a reliable formation theory should not only explain the formation of the Solar System, with small terrestrial planets within a few AU and gas giants farther out, but also the newly discovered exoplanetary systems with close-in giant planets. Regarding the presently known exoplanets, we stress that our current knowledge is strongly biased by the sensitivity limits of current detection techniques (mainly the radial velocity method). With time and improved detection methods, the diversity of planets and orbits in exoplanetary systems will definitely increase and help to constrain the formation theory further. In this work, we review the latest state of planetary formation in relation to the origin and evolution of habitable terrestrial planets.

Nyckelord: Planet formation, Gas giants, Ice giants, Terrestrial exoplanets, Habitability, stellar x-ray, giant planets, protoplanetary disks, mass planets, orbital migration, ocean-planets, solar nebula, evolution, earth, accretion

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