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Assessing broadband policy: Towards a conceptual model

Orada Teppayayon (Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation)
Göteborg : Chalmers University of Technology, 2010. ISBN: 1654-9732.- 180 s.

The recognition of the growing importance of broadband to the public presents challenges for policy-makers in introducing efficient strategies, not only to serve the increasing demand for broadband among people in society but also to increase their economic level both in the short run and in the long run. Different measures and strategies have been implemented in many countries in order to encourage broadband deployment. At the same time, broadband has been introduced as an effective tool in driving society to a more advanced economy. The recognition of the importance of broadband leads to broadband policy development. The differences in circumstances or background of different countries lead to variation in broadband policy implementations. This study explores broadband policy implemented in different countries to find out what conceptual ideas can be drawn, and also to formulate a model to assess broadband policy as a means for the future development of a country. From the study, it has been found that there are two aspects of broadband policy, which are sector agenda and strategic agenda. The sector agenda consists of strategies or measures implemented by a country with the primary objective of increasing broadband growth in a country through a three-dimensional framework. Meanwhile, the strategic agenda comprises strategies of using broadband for some specific national agenda consisting of the global market, country competitiveness and sustainable development. However, it also suggests that the integration of those two aspects into national policy for long-term development depends on many criteria, in particular the co-dependence of related actors. Therefore, broadband policy is no longer an issue set by the responsible government agencies.

Nyckelord: broadband policy, sector agenda, strategic agenda, government investment,

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Datum: 2010-05-24
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