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Everyday calculus teaching

Torbjörn Lundh (Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper, matematik)
Voices on learning and instruction in mathematics, Emanuelsson, J., Fainsilber, L., Häggström, J., Kullberg, A., Lindström, B. & Löwing, M. (Eds.), National Centre for Mathematics Education, University of Gothenburg. p. 101-116. (2010)

This is a collection of different citations and my own naïve pedagogical reasoning, as a mathematics teacher in higher education, concerning the teaching of mathematics at an introductory university level. I will start with some comments about the present calculus-teaching situation, from both a teacher and a student viewpoint. Then I will present an interview with one of my favorite teachers. I will also comment on some books and texts that I found helpful to me, when trying to better understand the current calculus teaching challenges. Finally, I will briefly discuss two challenges didactics research are facing today: How to manifest itself as an accepted science, and how to convince active teachers about its usefulness in daily teaching.

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