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Evaluating Resistance of Polymeric Materials for Outdoor Applications to Corona and Ozone

Bin Ma (Institutionen för material- och tillverkningsteknik, Högspänningsteknik) ; Johan Andersson (Institutionen för material- och tillverkningsteknik, Högspänningsteknik) ; Stanislaw Gubanski (Institutionen för material- och tillverkningsteknik, Högspänningsteknik)
IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (1070-9878). Vol. 17 (2010), 2, p. 555-565.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

This paper presents a review discussing methods of determination the resistance to corona discharges and ozone of polymeric materials for applications in outdoor insulation. It also describes a part of international activities within CIGRE WG D1.01 aiming to develop suitable methodology for the testing, which includes designing the necessary test arrangement, defining test conditions and finally exemplifying results of the treatment by monitoring changes of electrical, mechanical and structural properties of some materials.

Nyckelord: Outdoor insulation, composite insulation, housing material, corona, ozone

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