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Work Hardening and Flow Softening of γ-TiAl Containing Ni

Ji Zhang ; Kenong Xia ; Erik Ström (Institutionen för materialteknik) ; Zengyong Zhong ; Changhai Li (Institutionen för materialteknik)
Materials Science Forum (0255-5476). Vol. 449-452 (2004), p. 833-836.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

This paper presents the true stress-strain curves and data analyses of a Ni-containing TiAl and its reference alloy based on the isothermal compression tests at 1000 deg. C and 0.01-1.0 s-1 strain rates. The results show that the minor Ni addition makes the flow softening coming sooner and therefore significantly lowers the peak stress. Those effects in addition with a better balance between the work hardening and flow softening during hot deformation, improve the steady state flow behavior of TiAl. The Ni-influence mechanisms are also suggested based on the TEM observation of dislocation configurations and lamellar breakdown during the deformation.

Nyckelord: TiAl alloys, hot deformation, work hardening, flow softening

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