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Demonstration of a TODGA based Extraction Process for the Partitioning of Minor Actinides from a PUREX Raffinate

Daniel Magnusson (Institutionen för kemi- och bioteknik, Kärnkemi) ; B. Christiansen ; J. P. Glatz ; R. Malmbeck ; G. Modolo ; D. Serrano-Purroy ; C. Sorel
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange (0736-6299). Vol. 27 (2009), 1, p. 26-35.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Efficient recovery of minor actinides (MA) from genuine PUREX raffinate has been successfully demonstrated by the TODGA + TBP extractant mixture dissolved in an industrial aliphatic solvent TPH. The process was carried out in centrifugal contactors using an optimized flow-sheet involving a total of 32 stages, divided into 4 stages for extraction, 12 stages for scrubbing and 16 stages for back-extraction. Very high feed decontamination factors were obtained (Am, Cm 40 000) and the recovery of these elements was higher than 99.99%. Of the non-lanthanide fission products only Y and a small part of Ru were co-separated into the product fraction together with the lanthanides and the MA.

Nyckelord: Solvent extraction, partitioning, TODGA process, minor actinides, americium, diamex process, lanthanides, recovery, waste

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