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Ordered mesoporous Ag-TiO2-KIT-6 heterostructure: synthesis, characterization and photocatalysis

F. L. Zhang ; Y. H. Zheng ; Y. N. Cao ; C. Q. Chen ; Y. Y. Zhan ; X. Y. Lin ; Q. Zheng ; K. M. Wei ; Jiefang Zhu (Institutionen för teknisk fysik, Kemisk fysik)
Journal of Materials Chemistry (0959-9428). Vol. 19 (2009), 18, p. 2771-2777.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Ordered mesoporous Ag-TiO2-KIT-6 heterostructured nanocrystals were successfully synthesized by a template-based method, where a layer of TiO2 and Ag2O nanoparticles were deposited on cubic (Ia3d) silica (KIT-6) in an orderly manner; at the same time, the formed Ag2O nanoparticles were photolyzed to metallic Ag nanoparticles. Our results show that Ag-TiO2-KIT-6 is an ordered mesoporous composite material, which is composed of Ag-TiO2 heterostructures and the amorphous KIT-6 template. In addition, Ag-TiO2-KIT-6 possesses the highest photocatalytic activity among the as-synthesized photocatalysts, which can be attributed to the Ag-TiO2 heterojunctions and the excellent texture: (1) Ag-TiO2 heterojunctions improve the separation of photogenerated electron-hole pairs due to the potential energy differences between Ag and TiO2 nanocrystals, thus enhancing the photocatalytic activity; (2) the Ag-TiO2-KIT-6 sample possesses a high BET surface area and a large number of ordered pore channels, which facilitate adsorption and transportation of dye molecules, also leading to higher photocatalytic activity. It was also found that the Ag-TiO2 heterostructure plays a more important role in enhancing the photocatalytic activity than high BET surface area.

Nyckelord: silver nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, tio2 films, nanocomposites, silica, nanocatalyst, frameworks, template, property, nanorods

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