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Kinetics quality assessment for relative quantification by real-time PCR

Tzachi Bar (Institutionen för kemi- och bioteknik, Molekylär bioteknik) ; A. Muszta
Biotechniques (0736-6205). Vol. 39 (2005), 3, p. 333-.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

For proper relative quantification by real-time PCR, compared samples should have similar PCR efficiencies. To test this prerequisite, we developed two quality tests: (i) adjustment of a test for kinetic outlier detection (KOD) to relative quantification; and (ii) comparison of the efficiency variance of test samples with the efficiency variance of samples with highly reproducible quantification. The tests were applied on relative quantification of two genes in 30 sets of 5 replicate samples (same treatment, different animals). Ten low-quality sets and 28 outliers were identified. The low-quality sets showed higher coefficient of variation (cv)% of DNA quantities in replicate experiments than high-quality sets (63% versus 26%; P = 0.001) and contained a higher proportion of outlying quantities (35% versus 5.9%; P = 0.001) when individual samples were detected by adjusted KOD. Outlier detection with adjusted KOD reduced thefalse detection of outliers by 213 compared with the previous, nonadjusted version of KOD (20% versus 5.9%; P = 0.001). We conclude that the presented tests can be used to assign technical reasons to outlying observations.

Nyckelord: polymerase-chain-reaction, rt-pcr, gene-expression, inhibition, amplification, cancer, assays, dna

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