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Torbjörn Lundh (Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper, matematik) ; Erney Mattsson

A vascular prosthesis is disclosed, comprising a forked tube, having: an inflow tube with an inflow end (6); a primary distal outflow branch with a primary distal outflow end (8); and a secondary proximal outflow branch with a secondary proximal outflow end (7). The two outflow ends are directed in different directions and the two outflow branches in the vicinity of the bifurcation (9) have different cross-sectional areas. Further, the secondary proximal outflow branch is more curved than the primary distal outflow branch, and the secondary proximal outflow branch in the vicinity of the bifurcation has a smaller cross-sectional area than the primary distal outflow branch. Hereby, energy losses at flow bifurcations is adapted to the bypass situation to even out the level of shear stress, thereby avoiding areas with low shear stress and decreasing the tendency for turbulent flow, thus reducing the risk of graftstenosis.


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