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Concepts for Reality. Industrial Design Engineering, 2005.

Koncept för verkligheten

Ulrike Rahe (Institutionen för produkt- och produktionsutveckling, Design)
[Bok, med redaktör]

The present time is characterised by rapid change, unpredictable and with unknown results. In such circumstances it appears only natural that design in its interdisciplinary role should develop just as fast, and ideally be foresighted rather than the reverse. It calls for great intellectual skill to be able to judge and take action in a world in constant transition. All attempts at drawing borders in order to limit and define design responsibilities seem unwise today. The aim of design has always been change. It is pointless to distinguish between products, processes, systems, interfaces and forms of communication when these ingredients are ultimately all interwoven in each project in a manner new and unique. What is of essential importance is what the work leads to, and there quality must be the leading lodestar.

Nyckelord: Design, Industrial Design Engineering, Industrial Design, Ergonomics, New Design Concepts, Man Machine Interfaces, Basic Design, Chalmers Teknisk Design, Industridesign på Chalmers, Människa-Maskin-Teknik

The book is bilingual. Text can also be read in Swedish. "Concepts for Reality" is published in connection with the exhibition about Industrial Design Engineering, The Röhsska Museeum, Göteborg, 16 april - 8 may 2005.

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