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Linear viscoelastic actuator-based control system of a bipedal walking robot

Viktor Berbyuk (Institutionen för mekanik och hållfasthetslära, Mekanik) ; Bo Peterson (Institutionen för mekanik och hållfasthetslära, Mekanik) ; Nataliya Nishchenko
In MECHATRONICS'98, Proceedings of the 6th UK Mechatronics Forum International Conference, Editors J. Adolfsson and J. Karlsen, Skövde, Sweden, 9-11 September 1998, Elsevier. p. 379-384. (1998)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The optimisation approach for designing of the rotational spring-damper actuators providing the programmed goal-directed motion of a bipedal walking robot is proposed. The problem is formulated as an approximation procedure for the controlling torques acting at the joints of the robot during its optimal motion. Analysis of the obtained numerical results has shown that the anthropomorphic energy-optimal goal-directed motion of the bipedal walking robot could be generated by the rotational spring-damper actuators with one switching of each of their parameters during the double step of the robot.

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