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Limits on Neutrino-Mixing from the Internal Bremsstrahlung Spectrum of I-125

M. J. G. Borge ; A. Derujula ; P. G. Hansen ; Björn Jonson (Fysiska institutionen) ; Göran Nyman (Fysiska institutionen) ; H. L. Ravn ; K. Riisager
Physica Scripta (0031-8949). Vol. 34 (1986), 6A, p. 591-596.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The massive antineutrino recently reported by Simpson in an experiment on tritium decay has not been confirmed by experiments on 35S decay. As an independent check, we report here the negative result of a search for the corresponding antiparticle (a massive neutrino) using the decay of 125I. As a by-product, we give accurate data on internal-bremsstrahlung spectra which we have followed over close to four decades in intensity, and we report a new way of measuring its E1/M1 ratio. The experiment provides a new and very accurate value for the 125I-125Te mass difference of 186.1 ± 0.3 keV.

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