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Comparison of theory-based and semi-empirical transport modelling in JET plasmas with ITBs

TJJ Tala ; VV Parail ; A becoulet ; G Corrigan ; DJ Heading ; MJ Mantsinen ; Pär Strand (Institutionen för elektromagnetik) ; EFDA-JET Workprogramme
PLASMA PHYSICS AND CONTROLLED FUSION (0741-3335). Vol. 44 (2002), Suppl. 5A, p. A495-A500.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The theory-based Weiland transport model has been applied to JET discharges with internal transport barriers (ITBs) for the first time. The agreement of the modelling results with the experiments has been found to be comparable with the agreement of the modelling results produced by the semi-empirical Bohm/gyro-Bohm transport model. Weiland model overestimates the width of the ITB and the electron temperature. There is evidence that the density gradient in the Weiland model plays a more important role in governing the ITB formation dynamics for JET discharges than the suppression of turbulence by the omega(ExB) flow shearing rate.

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