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Policy Instruments - Policy pathways to promote eco-innovation, POPA-CTDA

Policy Brief

Carlos Montalvo ; Dan Strömberg ; Patrick ten Brink ; Christian Sartorius ; Mahshid Sotoudeh ; Oliver Wolf ; Robert Nemeskeri ; Catherine Bowyer ; Susanne Schilder ; Peter Bodo ; Anders Ahlbäck ; Jason Anderson ; Frances Sprei (Institutionen för energi och miljö)
Brussels2007. - 18 s.

Nyckelord: POPA-CTDA, environmental technology, cleantech, barriers, drivers, european, ETAP

Delivered to the EC EU Sixth Framework Programme Policy Oriented Research Thematic Priority 8.1, Policy-oriented research (SSP), FP6-2002-SSP-1, Project no. 502487

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