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CELTIC CP5-026 WINNER+, D1.5 Intermediate Report on System Aspect of Advanced RRM

Gunther Auer ; Jorge Cabrejas ; Emilio Calvanese ; Thierry Clessienne ; Paulo Greco ; Marilynn P. Wylie-Green ; Dimitri Ktenas ; David Martín-Sacristán ; Albena Mihovska ; Jose Monserrat ; Arif Otyakmaz ; Roberto Rossi ; Andreas Saul ; Pawel Sroka ; Tommy Svensson (Institutionen för signaler och system, Kommunikationssystem)
2009. - 77 s.

The deliverable describes the second set of best innovations proposed in the framework of the WP1 on system aspect of advanced Radio Resource Management (RRM) approved by the System Group. These concepts consist of promising innovative techniques and include an initial evaluation of the performance and benefits as far as already available. A brief description of each technique together with the relevant state of the art is provided. Moreover, first considerations about the requirements on the system, especially regarding measurements, signalling, architecture and protocols are described. The last set of innovations will be ready for the final deliverable of proof of concept evaluation.

Nyckelord: Advanced radio resource management (RRM), Cooperative Multipoint Transmission, Cross Layer Optimisation, Carrier Aggregation, MBMS

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