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Optimising grey iron powder compacts

Henrik Borgström (Institutionen för material- och tillverkningsteknik, Yt- och mikrostrukturteknik) ; Lars Nyborg (Institutionen för material- och tillverkningsteknik, Yt- och mikrostrukturteknik) ; Walid Khraisat ; W Abu al Jadayil
Powder Metallurgy (0032-5899). Vol. 52 (2009), 4, p. 291-297.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The grey iron microstructure Fe–2C–2Si powder based compact is tailored by different kinds of in situ and post sintering processing. This has been achieved by combining thermodynamic and kinetics modelling of microstructure development with sintering and controlled heat treatment experiments of tensile test specimens die compacted at 600 MPa. Applying optimised sintering conditions led to a grey iron like microstructure with 95% relative sintered density. Sinter hardening the compacts led to 500 MPa in yield strength and 600 MPa in ultimate tensile strength in combination with ductile fracture. Quenched and tempered condition showed the same strength values, but combined with brittle fracture due to martensitic structure. Pore rounding and partial pore filling by graphite were obtained by austenising isothermal hold during the cooling of the sintering cycle.

Nyckelord: Liquid phase sintering, Grey iron powder, Heat treatment, Microstructure, Mechanical properties

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