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The correlation between transition metal NMR chemical shifts and the stability of coordination compounds

Lars Öhrström (Institutionen för oorganisk kemi)
Comments on Inorganic Chemistry Vol. 18 (1996), 5-6, p. 305-323.
[Artikel, övrig vetenskaplig]

Linear correlations of transition metal NMR chemical shifts with the logarithm of overall stability constants for six different series of complexes of Co(III), Rh(III), Rh(I) and Pt(II) have been found. Each case is presented and discussed. The relation is interpreted with a simplified version of Ramsey's equation for the chemical shift. A derivation of a relation of the type delta = m - k logK using ligand field theory is proposed.

Nyckelord: Co-59 NMR spectroscopy; (103) NMR spectroscopy; Pt-195 NMR, spectroscopy; stability constants; Ramsey's equation; ligand field, theory; Co(III); Rh(III); Rh(I); Pt(II); halide complexes; amine, complexes; alkene complexes, nuclear-magnetic-resonance; complexes; platinum(ii); pt-195;, alkylcobaloximes; alkylrhodoximes; spectroscopy; constants; bond; pr

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