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Optimal size of PHEV batteries from a consumer perspective – estimation using car movement data and implications for data harvesting

Sten Karlsson (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Fysisk resursteori)
WEVA World Electric Vehicle Journal (2032-6653). Vol. 3 (2009),
[Artikel, övrig vetenskaplig]

Due to expensiveness of PHEV batteries, the dimensioning of the batteries is very important. We derive the marginally optimal size from a consumer economics perspective and show that a crucial factor for optimal size and profitability is the marginal annual recharging frequency. We apply the analysis to a small set of Swedish vehicle movement data and demonstrate that the resulting optimal battery is highly dependent on the specific movement pattern of the individual car. We conclude that it is now urgent for the continued development, planning, and estimates of proliferation and impact of PHEVs, that statistical data, today mostly lacking, for the movement patterns of individual vehicles are assembled.

Nyckelord: data acquisition, market, modelling, PHEV (plug in hybrid electric vehicle)

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