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Large ´-Eddy Simulation of the Flow Around A Simplified Bus

Sinisa Krajnovic (Institutionen för termo- och fluiddynamik) ; Lars Davidson (Institutionen för termo- och fluiddynamik)
Proceedings of the 3rd AFOSR International Conference on DNS/LES Progress and Challenges p. 775-782. (2001)
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Two large eddy simulations of the flow past a bus-like vehicle body were made and the results are compared with experimental data~\cite{duell:99}. The effect of the near wall resolution and the modeling of the unresolved coherent structures in the near wall flow were studied. It was determined that, although the wall functions are inadequate to represent the thin vortices close to the wall, their use leads to results in a near wake region that are similar to those in the simulation with a sufficient wall normal resolution. This study indicates that the wall normal resolution has little influence on the pressure coefficient at the rear face.

Nyckelord: Bus, Vehicle, Large eddy simulation, LES

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