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Massive Type IIA Supergravity and E10

Daniel Persson (Institutionen för fundamental fysik, Matematisk fysik) ; Marc Henneaux ; Axel Kleinschmidt ; Ella Jamsin
Fortschritte der Physik (0015-8208). Vol. 57 (2009), 5-7, p. 580-586.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

In this talk we investigate the symmetry under E10 of Romans' massive type IIA supergravity. We show that the dynamics of a spinning particle in a non-linear sigma model on the coset space E10/K(E10) reproduces the bosonic and fermionic dynamics of massive IIA supergravity, in the standard truncation. In particular, we identify Romans' mass with a generator of E10 that is beyond the realm of the generators of E10 considered in the eleven-dimensional analysis, but using the same, underformed sigma model. As a consequence, this work provides a dynamical unification of the massless and massive versions of type IIA supergravity inside E10.

Nyckelord: Hidden symmetries; Kac-Moody algebras; Supergravity

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