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On Fully Discrete Schemes for the Fermi Pencil-Beam Equations.

Mohammad Asadzadeh (Institutionen för matematik) ; Alexandros Sopasakis (Institutionen för matematik)
Computer Methods for Applied Mechanics and Engineering (0045-7825). Vol. 191 (2002), 41-42, p. 4641-4659.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

We consider standard Galerkin and streamline diffusion finite element methods in the two dimensional, bounded transversal domain combined with backward Euler, Crank-Nicolson and discontinuous Galerkin methods in the penetration variable. Assuming smooth solutions in the Sobolev space $H^{k+1}$ of functions with their partial derivatives up to order $k+1$ in $L_2$, we derive optimal, a priori, semi-discrete methods of order $O(h^k)$ and $O(h^{k+1/2})$, respectively. Numerical implementations are presented

Nyckelord: Fermi equation, Pencil beam, Standard Galerkin, Semi-streamline-diffusion, Fully discrete scheme, Convergence rates

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